Welcome to NUM 2018!

Larvik Bueskyttere welcomes you to Larvik for NUM 2018 from the 29th of June to the 1st of July.

Once again, on behalf of the Norwegian Archery Association, Larvik Bueskyttere welcomes you t Larvik and the Nordic Youth Championships 2018.
Date: 29.06.2018 – 01.07.2018

Competition round: 72 arrow qualification rounds, all 6 arrows ends. Individual and team finals.
Classes: Born 1998 – 2005, men and women. Team finals for all classes and bow types.

Archery range

Månejordet, Dronning Gydasvei, 3269 Larvik
59°03’50.0″N 10°01’49.5″E

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Stavern Politihøgskole, Helgeroveien 9, 3290 Stavern
58°59’34.5″N 10°02’13.2″E

More information on accommodations are available on this page.

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Food and facilities

Both the venue and accommodations support para-athletes.

Food: Breakfast and dinner are served at the accommodations, lunch is served at the range.
Allergies: All allergies, both food-related and otherwise, must be reported upon entry into the competitions


Competition fee: 700,- NOK
Accommodation and food: 1600,- NOK
Transport (between accommodation and field for the entire event): 200,- NOK
Dinner Friday (not included in accommodation): 200,- NOK

Registering and payment is done through each country’s respective associations.



The event is to be filmed and broadcast live on YouTube. All entrants are asked to state consent to be pictured/filmed and published online.